About Us

``BRIGHT CAREER PUBLIC SCHOOL`` is governed and sponsored by ``Lilawati Education Development Trust``,Ara (Bhojpur).

Bright Career Public School is one of the fastest growing, most progressive schools in the Bhojpur, Established in 2008. Bright Career Public School(BCPS) is an institution with international standards in education, co-scholastic activities, sports, infrastructure and facilities that embrace the demands of modern curriculum with digital technique. The School follows the syllabus prescribed by C.B.S.E Delhi. English and Hindi are taught from the lowest classes. Sanskrit are introduced into Std.III and student read the same up to Std.VIII. English,which is the medium of instruction in the school should be used at all times in the school premises.

Our staff comes from many different disciplines

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Our Curriculum

Bright Career Public School, Badaka gaon,Ara is a well-established school and follows the curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education, which aims at holistic development of each and every child. Our school celebrates the uniqueness in each and every child by exposing them to a host of activities, which are a perfect balance of pedagogical and technological elements. Our curriculum enhances the innate abilities of each child by providing them the congenial learning environment.

The school inculcates scientific temper in all the learners through exploration, observation and discovery.

Experiential learning approach is adopted at all developmental stages and at various levels, leading to conceptual learning coupled with an inquisitive and analytical mindset.

The school focuses on nurturing global citizens who are abreast with the latest technological advancements but are also rooted in a sound value system. School curriculum exposes the students to a joyful learning environment which is a perfect blend of various co- curricular activities.

We provide specialized training for various sports and our students have won laurels at many state and national events.

Art is integrated with the teaching and learning at all levels of imparting education which hones creative skills of the students.

The school hosts a plethora of events providing every student an opportunity to showcase their academic and creative skills by participating in Olympiads, Inter and Intra school competitions.

A safe, secure and healthy environment is provided for the students with the help of a well-trained and adept staff. The school also provides personalized counselling, acceleration classes, individual attention and believes in maintaining a strong parent connect.

The curriculum incorporates a sense of belongingness among the students and inspires them to become the torch bearers and change makers leading to a brighter future.

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